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How to Set up the Best Call Center AI

A call center can be one of the most stressful environments for employees and customers alike, yet it is one of the most necessary components of a successful business. Whether your company requires cold sales calls or has a high volume of inbound customer care calls, there are many benefits to updating your call center with the latest technology to make everyone's lives just a little easier.

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Who is Looking After Your Company’s Data?

As recent events in the news have shown us, even the most secure data can be accessed and stolen by hackers. Failure to safeguard the personal data your company stores can endanger the personal and financial safety of your employees, clients or even yourself. Storing personal or proprietary data on cloud data storage systems does have some risks associated with it, but is it a risk that can be mitigated by partnering with the right company? Let's take a closer look.

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Hiring Technologically Capable Employees

As technology continues to march on, it is more important than it has ever been before to staff your company with employees with a high degree of technical knowledge. Although companies viciously competing for these individuals, there are certain steps that you can take to make sure that you have the edge in recruiting and hiring the most technologically capable individuals for your organization.

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Is Your Company Leveraging the Internet of Things?

The internet of things (IoT) is a digital revolution in progress, reshaping the landscape of how we work and how we live our everyday lives. We are used to taking advantage of the internet connectivity of our computers and mobile devices, but the IoT is connecting such diverse devices as lighting, security systems, and gaming platforms to voice activated assistants and refrigerators. As this new era of the internet continues to dawn, the potential to leverage these advances to give your business a competitive edge is nearly limitless.

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3 Data Security Fears that are Overblown

People are worried about their data. One report has the average U.S. company of 1000 employees or more spending $15 million a year on cybercrime prevention.

The only way that kind of money comes into play is if there’s a good reason to believe that critical company data is at risk.

And while cybercrime and data breaches are a hot topic, both in the boardroom and on the proverbial front page, the truth is that not many of us know how risky our online behavior, or that of our employees, can be. Should we all be wearing tinfoil hats and only accessing the internet through Tor? Or are there some data security fears and myths that have been a little bit exaggerated?

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