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Developing an Effective In-House Technology Training Program

Being technology-literate is practically a requirement in many of today’s fields. As a result, companies are exploring different ways to educate their employees about the technologies that they need in their lines of work. Whether you’re installing new telephone systems, onboarding new employees, or updating your company on new security solutions and policies, an in-house technology training program may be the right choice. But how do you begin?

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How to Make the Most of Business CTI

While it seems that social media and messaging is taking over communication both in our personal and professional lives, phones remain important in the business world as points of customer contact. A study of customer experience with contact channels found that phone still reigns as the most effective channel for resolving issues. But just because it’s no instant messaging app doesn’t mean your business phone system should be stuck in the past: computer telephony integration, or CTI, can help improve your phone communications.

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What Do You Need From a Virtual Receptionist?

In today’s world, interactive voice response (IVR) systems are practically inescapable. Every time someone calls a customer service line, they are greeted not by a person at a desk, but by a virtual receptionist listing off the familiar prompts: “For English, press one; para Español, oprima dos.”

But if not to annoy callers, what is the purpose of an IVR?

A well-designed IVR can make your business more efficient, and here’s how:

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Cyberattack Trends and Security Solutions in 2018

This past year has been a crazy time for cybersecurity and internet-based crime. Every week there seemed to be a new headline of a high-profile security breach or malware attack. And while we’ve pretty much made it through the year, 2018 is sure to be filled with many of the same challenges, as well as a few new ones. Here are some cybercrime trends to watch for, as well as a few security solutions that will become even more critical as time goes on.

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3 Ways IP Telephony Translates into Cost Savings

By now, it’s no secret that IP telephony saves money over traditional PBX phone systems. Its potential as a cost saving and revenue earning solution for businesses is one of the most advertised features of VoIP. But simply saying that it can save your business money is one thing; explaining how is another. Here are three provable ways that switching to hosted IP telephony saves money:

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