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Security Solutions for Small Businesses

High-profile security breaches in the news have large companies panicking about the state of their cyber security policies for fear of losing investors, customers, and revenue. But just because attacks against small businesses aren’t in the news doesn’t mean there’s nothing to fear: a 2016 report by Symantec revealed that 43% of cyber attacks targeted small businesses. Even if you don’t have the resources for enterprise-level security solutions, there are still a range of things you can do to mitigate your risk of an attack.

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Is Small Business VoIP Worth the Investment?

All businesses need to put thought and care into purchasing decisions, but for small businesses, every penny and dime counts. When your purchasing priority list is already more than twenty items long, it can be hard to justify a new technology like a new or upgraded phone system. But small business VoIP systems offer more than meets the eye. Here are three aspects of VoIP that can pack in big ROI for small businesses:

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Securing Your Company Communications

Data security is a hot-button issue, and companies are rushing to find security solutions to minimize risk of an attack or breach. But while equipping offices and computers with security software is a key aspect of a strong security policy, human error is the much larger liability. In this post, we’ll go over three areas to focus on in your company in order to ensure your communications are secure.

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Developing an Effective In-House Technology Training Program

Being technology-literate is practically a requirement in many of today’s fields. As a result, companies are exploring different ways to educate their employees about the technologies that they need in their lines of work. Whether you’re installing new telephone systems, onboarding new employees, or updating your company on new security solutions and policies, an in-house technology training program may be the right choice. But how do you begin?

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How to Make the Most of Business CTI

While it seems that social media and messaging is taking over communication both in our personal and professional lives, phones remain important in the business world as points of customer contact. A study of customer experience with contact channels found that phone still reigns as the most effective channel for resolving issues. But just because it’s no instant messaging app doesn’t mean your business phone system should be stuck in the past: computer telephony integration, or CTI, can help improve your phone communications.

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