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5 Ways to Calculate the ROI of Unified Communications

You may have heard about how unified communications can save your business money on phone systems, collaboration apps, and more, but how do you make the case for your business? Calculating the ROI of unified communications can be difficult, as almost all UC solutions are unique and tailored to your company. But with a few tips, it’s easy to see for yourself how unified communications is just good for business:

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10 Unified Communications Terms You Should Know

Unified communications (UC) platforms for businesses have been gaining momentum since the 1990s, and as a relatively young technology, the jargon that providers use to talk about them can be difficult to understand. For such an intuitive and user-friendly tech, all the terms and abbreviations are sometimes a little overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll help you sort out the alphabet soup.

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Can the Right Phone System Improve Customer Retention?

For businesses, customer retention should be a no-brainer. Existing customers are your target market in the real world; they’re proven to be interested in your company and what you do. And when more than 70% of customers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service, the importance of customer service cannot be overstated. First stop on the road to improvement: your phone system.

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Which Stakeholders Should Weigh In on Communications Strategy

As any businessperson knows, it’s not enough for a business to have the best concepts, products, or services. Without the ability to communicate, collaborate, and advertise, even the most innovative idea will never take off. And in a climate of rapid technological advancement, staying on top of communications technology can be difficult. In business, a clear, specific communications technology strategy is key to effective exchange of information and data, and as paradoxical as it sounds, good communication can only arise from good communication. When forming a communications technology strategy, getting input from key stakeholders can help your company reach its goals more effectively. But who should weigh in?

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When You Need a Full-Time Data Security Expert

Unfortunately, the days of data security and cyber-crime being “not my problem” are long gone. As many as 143 million people were affected by the most recent high-profile data security breach, which compromised sensitive data. And in the era of big data, companies know more about their consumers than ever before. If your company handles customer data, from swiping a credit card to managing personal information, now is the time to think about how secure that data is, if you haven’t already. What are some things you can do?

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