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2017 Trends in Communications Technology

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By now it’s a cliche to even talk about how fast technology changes, getting smaller, faster, and more integral to our lives on a daily basis. 

The speed of change is enough to make anyone give up on trying to keep up with trends and the ‘latest and greatest.

But as a busy professional, looking at trends in communication technology can give you a better idea of where things are going and where you should invest your time and energy to have the maximum impact on your company

Following are just a few of the trends we’re tracking in 2017 in the world of communications technology.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is not new but by now there are enough devices and apps on the market that many people are interacting with it on a daily basis now. From in-home assistants like Google Home and Alexa to connected refrigerators, home security, and thermostats, the technology is spreading into all different aspects of our lives.

But what do many of these devices have in common? You can control them with an app on your smartphone. The Internet of Things is linked directly to communications technology. As big players like Google and Apple work to unify IoT devices, people will likely have to choose whether they want a fridge that syncs with their iPhone or their Android, and this kind of choice could easily have repercussions for employers with BYOD policies. 

Security is Always a Concern

As fast as technology is developed, so are the capabilities of people who want to exploit that technology. While you may think your PBX is not as at risk as your email, you could be wrong. Communications technology needs to be constantly evolving to address security concerns. For instance, one recent phone scam has an automated voice asking “Can you hear me?” and when the recipient of the call responds “yes” that response is recorded and used to exploit IVR systems for identity theft and fraud. As threats continue to evolve, so will the technology that protects your company against them. 


At first glance, empathy doesn’t sound like a technology trend, but the truth is that sometimes technology can progress too fast to stop and consider what it is like for humans to interact with that technology. From IVR to data analysis, when more human empathy is applied, better developments that don’t just work faster, but work better, will be the result. Look to see an emphasis on empathy in communications technology, adding humans back into even the most automated equations. 

Machine Learning

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in technology overall is the further development and implications of machine learning. Simply, technology can learn faster and more effectively when we don’t have to teach it. The implications for something like a PBX system or other communications technology could be huge when applied. For example, machine learning could predict call traffic throughout the day, then allocate and reallocate bandwidth resources as needed. Look for the latest communications technology to exploit these kinds of capabilities.

Trends can show you the direction of technology and help you to invest wisely. Another important factor in making smart communications technology investments is having a strategy in place. Download our guide below to start building your strategy and growing your business.

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