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Which Stakeholders Should Weigh In on Communications Strategy

As any businessperson knows, it’s not enough for a business to have the best concepts, products, or services. Without the ability to communicate, collaborate, and advertise, even the most innovative idea will never take off. And in a climate of rapid technological advancement, staying on top of communications technology can be difficult. In business, a clear, specific communications technology strategy is key to effective exchange of information and data, and as paradoxical as it sounds, good communication can only arise from good communication. When forming a communications technology strategy, getting input from key stakeholders can help your company reach its goals more effectively. But who should weigh in?

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When You Need a Full-Time Data Security Expert

Unfortunately, the days of data security and cyber-crime being “not my problem” are long gone. As many as 143 million people were affected by the most recent high-profile data security breach, which compromised sensitive data. And in the era of big data, companies know more about their consumers than ever before. If your company handles customer data, from swiping a credit card to managing personal information, now is the time to think about how secure that data is, if you haven’t already. What are some things you can do?

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What is "Lift and Shift" and Should You Do It?

Moving to the cloud has many benefits, such as scalability and cost-efficiency. As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, more organizations are moving from in-house data centers to the cloud to capitalize on savings and potential for growth. Yet cloud migrations can be labor-intensive and slow when existing in-house applications need to be re-designed for a move to the cloud. Instead, you may turn to a “lift and shift” approach, in which applications are replicated with no re-design. But is it right for you and your needs?

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Keeping the C-Suite Up to Date on Data Security Issues

In our technology-driven world, it’s understandable that along with the benefits that technology provides, it brings a new set of risks. The emergence of data security as a key aspect of business indicates that company leaders understand the potential for security breaches, yet a recent survey of businesses by The Economist reveals that executives may not be giving this threat the attention it deserves. As technology evolves, so do methods to compromise it. Because of this, traditional security measures such as firewalls are no longer as effective as they once were. Therefore, it is critical that the C-Suite understands data security issues that face their companies today and is willing to take steps to combat threats.

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