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Cloud Phone Technology and Clarity: Questions Answered

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It can be difficult to get all your business technology questions answered in a way that makes sense to you. If you’re considering making the switch to a cloud-based VoIP system for your business, you probably want to know if your calls will be clear and the service will be reliable, but it isn’t always that easy to get an answer.

Keep reading to learn about how a cloud phone system impacts the clarity of your business calls.

What is a Cloud Phone?

If you have a closet full of phone equipment, you are not using a cloud phone. Rather than invest in and maintain a phone system on your business premises, a cloud system allows you to turn over control of your phone software to your cloud provider. You simply plug a handset or softphone into your company internet, and you will be able to use your business phone system. With a unified communications setup, you can also ensure that employees outside of the office can connect to the same business phone system you have in the office.

Are Cloud Phone Calls Clear?

When you are making important business calls, there is nothing worse than not being able to hear the person on the other end. When using VoIP at all, whether it is a cloud-based system or an on-premise solution, there can be clarity concerns, such as call lagging or echo but more often than not these issues are easily solved with proper network configuration. As long as you have the bandwidth to support your cloud system and have worked with your VoIP provider to set up the system, you should not experience any clarity issues.

Of course, there are also other ways to troubleshoot sound issues that may have nothing at all to do with the cloud aspect of your phone. For instance, if your office has a lot of hard surfaces and little to dampen sound, you may sound echoey on the other end. Or, if you use a softphone client with an unreliable headset, you can experience clarity issues. If your network is properly configured, be sure to address these other issues if you are experiencing problems.

Is a Cloud Phone Reliable?

One of the most common questions about cloud-based phone systems is whether or not they are as reliable as their analog or on-premise counterparts. The truth is that using a phone system based in the cloud can be more reliable than other options. The cloud gives you the added benefit of communications recovery in case of a disaster. You can easily turn to your smartphone app or other office locations in case of an emergency without losing any calls.

The short answer that you may be looking for is that yes, cloud technology results in clear, reliable calls as long as you are smart about choosing your provider and ensuring a professional setup.

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