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Hosted VoIP & Maintenance Savings

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 It seems like everywhere you turn there’s one more bill to pay that’s chalked up to “the cost of doing business.” These costs seem to stack up more quickly as your business grows. 

One business cost that can be hard to plan for is business system maintenance. Your phone systems, your computers, your video conferencing setup -- even the most cutting edge technology will eventually slow down, break, or need updates. And you can bet those costs add up, whether you pay a maintenance contractor or need your IT team to drop everything and make the fix.

A hosted VoIP solution is one way that you can save on these types of maintenance costs. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Unlike PBX or on-premise VoIP phone systems, hosted cloud VoIP phones download VoIP software from the cloud. The servers for this type of system are owned and operated by your chosen VoIP provider. Because this type of system leverages cloud technology, your phone system is updated on a consistent basis, and maintenance on the system is provided as part of your contract with the VoIP provider.

Hosted VoIP and Maintenance

When your Macbook breaks, you take it to the Apple store. If you don’t have the extended warranty, you end up on the hook for those repairs.

On the other hand, if Gmail goes down, you can check the Google maintenance site or their Twitter for constant updates about what they’re doing to resolve the problem. In most cases, you won’t even have to report the issue because they will already know something is wrong.

Hosted VoIP means that your phone is now more like your Gmail than your Macbook. If there is an issue with your VoIP system, changes are your provider will already be hard at work fixing it, probably before you even notice something is wrong.

Cloud VoIP maintenance means that not only do you spend less on IT professionals or outside repair consultants to maintain your phone system; it means that problems are addressed more quickly, and you can expect improved uptime. Cloud VoIP servers have backups upon backups that will ensure you have clear, reliable phone service nearly 100% of the time. 


VoIP Updates

In addition to maintenance and troubleshooting, cloud-based  VoIP means that you will always have the latest software. Instead of dealing with massive overhauls every year or two, your cloud VoIP provider will perform regular updates, install patches, and ensure that the system you are using is the best one available.

Hosted VoIP solutions are not the wave of the future -- they are simply one of the best ways to make sure your business is ready for the future. By building in the cost of maintenance, updates, and support this type of VoIP system can save your company significant money upfront and keep your communications running smoothly for years to come.  

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