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How to Make the Most of Business CTI

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While it seems that social media and messaging is taking over communication both in our personal and professional lives, phones remain important in the business world as points of customer contact. A study of customer experience with contact channels found that phone still reigns as the most effective channel for resolving issues. But just because it’s no instant messaging app doesn’t mean your business phone system should be stuck in the past: computer telephony integration, or CTI, can help improve your phone communications.

Integrate your phone system with other applications


Integrating your phones with your business applications can help maximize efficiency for salespeople and customer service representatives. For example, pairing your phone system and CRM allows employees to see a customer’s information and call history as soon as a call is made or answered, rather than agents trying to pull it up while the customer waits on the other end of the line.

You can also create detailed call logs within your CRM, including call recordings, transcripts, and metrics, that can help the entire team to improve customer relationships. Besides CRM applications, CTI also allows telephones to be integrated into applications dedicated to live chat, email, support tickets, feedback surveying, and more.

Use it to train new employees

No matter how thorough their training, the first few calls a new employee receives can be nerve-wracking. Without really knowing how well they’ll be able to handle customers or the extent of their knowledge about your company’s goods and services, it can be difficult to trust them when they begin to take calls. Computer telelphony integration allows for functions such as whisper coaching, call barging, and conference calling that take the guesswork out of training. During training, trainers and mentors can hear firsthand how new employees are doing and offer them discreet advice and information, ensuring the best possible service for your customers.

Personalize your customer interactions

One of the reasons that customers still prefer phone over social media or messaging when contacting a company is the presence of personal touch. Over a call, employees can relate to the customer as a person, rather than just a question or issue. Features like CRM integration with automated screen pop allow workers to always have customer information available, and warm transfers allow representatives to relay important information efficiently so that the caller doesn’t have to repeat themselves.

Analyze data for a better experience

Even after an employee has hung up the call, CTI can still be leveraged to make future calls better. Data like call length, issue resolution, and number of transfers can help business leaders analyze the work and practices of their company and correct when necessary.

Integrating your phone and computer systems makes for a better tool in today’s world, where customers still depend on phones but expect the convenience of digital communication. By leveraging the possibilities of CTI, your phone system can improve customer relationships and employee satisfaction, allowing your business to thrive in an experience-focused market.

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