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How to Set up the Best Call Center AI

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A call center can be one of the most stressful environments for employees and customers alike, yet it is one of the most necessary components of a successful business. Whether your company requires cold sales calls or has a high volume of inbound customer care calls, there are many benefits to updating your call center with the latest technology to make everyone's lives just a little easier. One of the best of recent advancements is to be found in call center AI software. The call center of the future will anticipate the needs of the customer and provide appropriate support before the first human agent even picks up the call...and this future is closer than you think.

The Potential of AI in Call Centers

Artificial Intelligence software provides a virtual voice assistant that combines cutting edge voice recognition with the ability to receive touch tone button input. While early efforts at this met with mixed success, the latest generation is using the same technology that is making AI, such as Siri and Alexa, a part of everyday life for consumers. AI has the potential to be more than just a bottleneck to slow down the flow of incoming calls to a manageable level for your customer service representatives. Rather, AI can be an effective front-facing representative for your company, capable of routing calls to the appropriate department or help desk with unerring accuracy and lightning-fast speed.

More Personalized Service and Customer Care

A common complaint against automated answering systems is that it depersonalizes the process of a B2C interaction and makes a bad impression. In truth, while last-generation automated voice systems were a bit robotic and jarring, this latest generation is more personable and adaptive, improving customer experience by referring them to a human agent both able and prepared to address their questions and concerns. In the case of high volume call days, AI is capable of taking down essential information and scheduling callbacks so that callers will not need to linger on hold waiting for customer service availability.

How To Set Up A New AI Voice Assistant

Setting up a new voice assistant for your company is easier than you think, and can be accomplished with as much of an investment of time and money as you usually spend on routine telephone system maintenance. Much of the existing infrastructure of your call center will be preserved, especially if you have already updated to a VoIP system. While this update is accomplished, there will be some downtime of your system where your system will not be available to take incoming calls, so it is important to schedule it beforehand and let customers know that there will be a brief outage during the upgrade of your network. When it is completed, however, you will have taken a great step forward toward providing superior customer service and making the work day just a little easier for your call center agents.

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