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Is Small Business VoIP Worth the Investment?

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All businesses need to put thought and care into purchasing decisions, but for small businesses, every penny and dime counts. When your purchasing priority list is already more than twenty items long, it can be hard to justify a new technology like a new or upgraded phone system. But small business VoIP systems offer more than meets the eye. Here are three aspects of VoIP that can pack in big ROI for small businesses:

Stronger Professional Image

With startups, small, and even mid-sized businesses, leaders and employees often have to make due with what they have. Whether that means working from an office in your house, using an uncustomized domain for your email, or taking customer calls to your personal phone number, the first priority is generally to get everything working. But taking that step to create a more professional image for your business can mean a lot to existing and potential customers. With VoIP, you have access to customized phone numbers, toll-free numbers, auto attendants and IVRs with customizable menu options and hold audio, and more. A stronger professional image when customers call in gives them more confidence, and you, more revenue.

Flexible and Scalable

Most small businesses begin with goals to eventually grow and expand, and for businesses on the cusp of growth, it doesn’t always make sense to make a new investment in technology when you’re not sure what you’ll need a year or two down the line. However, with VoIP, you don’t have to decide between getting a beneficial upgrade now or later. Depending on your provider and your method of deployment, adding lines is either simple to simpler. With hosted deployments, it may be as easy as a small additional monthly cost and a new handset, though not even that is strictly necessary. However your business grows, your VoIP investment will continue to pay off in bigger and better ways.

Long- and Short-Term Savings

Small business VoIP has tremendous potential for long-term savings. With a hosted deployment, instead of spending precious productivity hours troubleshooting tech, you don’t have to even think about your phone system’s maintenance, upkeep, and security. Predictable monthly costs means better budgeting, and VoIP is both less expensive and more versatile than traditional landline phones, making long-term benefits a no-brainer.

What may be more surprising, and perhaps a little counterintuitive at first, is the real potential for short-term savings you can reap from a VoIP upgrade. VoIP operates over your internet connection, which means you can stop receiving bills from your landline provider with variable long-distance charges. Hosted deployment set-up costs are mitigated by how much you no longer have to spend on replacing parts and doing maintenance.

It’s easier than you think to fit a phone system upgrade into your budget, whatever its size. Your small business could benefit from all these features and more, such as taking calls wherever you go, easy transfers, and better team collaboration. So, is small business VoIP worth the investment? We think so. Check out our eBook by clicking below to learn more about how hosted VoIP can benefit your small business.

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