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Is Your Company Leveraging the Internet of Things?

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201706-CNP-is-your-company-leveraging-the-internet-of-things.jpgThe internet of things (IoT) is a digital revolution in progress, reshaping the landscape of how we work and how we live our everyday lives. We are used to taking advantage of the internet connectivity of our computers and mobile devices, but the IoT is connecting such diverse devices as lighting, security systems, and gaming platforms to voice activated assistants and refrigerators. As this new era of the internet continues to dawn, the potential to leverage these advances to give your business a competitive edge is nearly limitless.

What is The Internet of Things?

Put as simply as possible, IoT is connecting any given device to the internet using broadband high-speed signals and wifi. This could conceivably mean that you could use a mobile device to start your car, coffee maker, and washing machine, using your smartphone to activate each remotely at the exact time you need it during a busy day. This is only one example of an IoT relationship. Soon devices will be able to activate and deactivate other devices in order to complete tasks. Both the particulars and their ramifications are much more complex, but what you can really take away from this is that a once passively-observed internet of information is transitioning to real-world task completion.

How To Leverage The IoT for Your Company

The foundation of your competitive advantage is operational effectiveness, and to achieve this you need to update your company to state-of-the art technology. If you lag behind the competition technologically, you should not be surprised when you are lagging behind them financially. IoT applications can streamline processes through automating and integrating disparate tasks. An example of this is an automated phone system that serves as a virtual assistant capable of coordinating communications as well as a team of valuable employees.


A Competitive Advantage For Large and Small Companies Alike

No matter the size of your company the IoT can make a big impact. Working efficiently and maximizing resources is the hallmark of small business success and the IoT can contribute to that in amazing ways. The previously mentioned automated phone system can make the most out of limited staff, but opportunities exist to reduce costs of energy usage by automating shut-off times for lighting or temperature adjustment of HVAC systems in your office, streamlining administrative tasks, and improving productivity. With the IoT in your corner, you could soon be punching above your weight in the business world no matter where your company stands today.


Leveraging the IoT for a Competitive Advantage

Cloud-based applications have greatly increased the efficacy of the internet of things, turning what was once considered flights of fancy in science fiction movies into a reality in everyday life. This transformative technology is capable of improving your business in astounding ways. Whether you need to upgrade your communications, infrastructure, logistics, or scheduling there is sure to be a way to do it using the advances in information technology and networking to accomplish it.


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