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3 Reasons Why Unified Communications Builds Stronger Work Teams

Working in teams can be a complicated task without the right tools.  Today’s workforce is very different compared to a decade ago when most members of a project team were in the same location.  Today we have multiple locations, open work spaces, home offices and those who spend most of their time in the field. 

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Complete Care: Managed Services Made Easy

We recently enhanced our managed services offering to one that is going to change the way you think about managed services. Not only is it designed to reduce the burden on your IT staff, but it also brings greater security and improved productivity to the organization. 

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Relief for IT: Meraki Makes It Easy

Meraki, a leader in cloud networking, was acquired by Cisco a few years back to cater to mid-market companies that need network solutions that are easy to deploy and manage without a large IT staff.  Meraki technology includes super reliable Wi-Fi (even in tough environments like warehousing and healthcare), switching, security cameras and mobile device management -- all through a centralized cloud platform.

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5 Ways You Can Save Even More on VoIP

If you’ve heard anything about VoIP, you know you can save money on your monthly bill as opposed to a traditional landline system. But for the savings-savvy user of VoIP, there are plenty of ways to save even more, cushioning your bottom line and allowing you to see a faster, better return on your investment. Here are five of our top cost-saving features and tips:

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The Facts About VoIP Fax

There are two types of people in the business world: those who believe fax has gone the way of the dinosaur, and those who need it in some or all aspects of their work. More secure than most email services and faster than physical mail, fax is still a mainstay in many industries. As the new(er) kid on the block, VoIP offers businesses many different benefits: is fax capabilities one of them?

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