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3 Ways Technology is Leading us to Safety

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PunchAlert is the latest in emergency communication and notification software.

The ability to communicate information to a large number of people and to request assistance from safety officials in the shortest amount of time possible has become a huge focus for many organizations.  For non-emergencies, getting information out to your audience (regardless of their location) is also a priority. Because today’s communication largely happens on mobile devices, the ability to manage notification software on most any device, over any communication channel, is imperative.

All-In-One Safety Communication for Your Organization

PunchAlert is an unprecedented product that effectively manages incidents, sends alerts and allows users and authorities to receive tips using a mobile app and online web console.  From alert management to analytics, PunchAlert works well in any environment because it’s an all-in-one communication solution built on a mobile-centric platform, designed specifically for:

  • Communities / Public Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Education
  • Corporations
  • Government Agencies

What makes PunchAlert so effective is the flexibility it offers.  Whether during a lockdown situation, an evacuation or medical emergency, this app allows users to manage the situation in a coordinated way, including crowdsourcing from bystanders who may have information and tips to further aid the situation.  Key features include:

  • Two-way communication
  • Ability to manage, resolve and document emergencies on the go
  • One-tap emergency reporting
  • Automatically send emergency plans to everyone’s phone
  • Post and receive emergency information via text, voice recording, photo, and video
  • Swiftly lockdown your organization and/or send lockdown plans
  • Submit an attendance report quickly
  • Call any responder in your organization, central emergency number, or 911

911+:  The future of emergency communication
In an emergency, dialing 911 is a critical path to assistance.  However, many people don’t realize when dialing from a cell phone the location received by 911 dispatch may not necessarily be your exact location.  Instead, it could indicate the nearest cell tower which may also end up routing your call to a call center that is miles away from your actual location.

PunchAlert’s 911+ provides an advanced technology for calling 911, leveraging GPS tracking to automatically deliver an accurate location of the emergency along with contact information so responders can quickly locate and assist.

911+ goes beyond a mass notification platform; businesses are able to partner with PunchAlert to incorporate 911+ technology into their own products or services for:

  • Mobile or desktop apps
  • Connected cars
  • Wearable devices
  • VOIP services
  • IOT & home security devices

Rescue – Water Wearable & Panic Button Lifeguard Rescue
Originally designed exclusively for YMCA facilities, PunchAlert just launched its new Rescue solution, currently on pre-order. Rescue is a wearable solution that helps shave critical seconds off emergency response time. When a wearer enters the water or presses the panic button, the linked base station alerts personnel nearby via visual and audio alarms.  In addition, when integrated with the PunchAlert mobile application, official responders receive real-time notification of the emergency. [learn more] 

Download the PunchAlert General Fact Sheet, then contact us for more information. 

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