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Could Relocation Effect VoIP Phone System Reliability?

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If the time has come for you to move into a new office, you may be bracing yourself for a nightmare in the field of communication. Traditionally, office moves have wreaked havoc with PBX systems and landlines, causing a great deal of confusion on the office phone chart and general chaos in the workflow of a business until everything is installed and laid out. If you have recently converted to a dependable VoIP phone system you are probably wondering if it will be more of the same during this move. The good news is that it probably won't be as bad as you imagine.

If You Have A Network, You Have A Phone

The first thing that you will accomplish when you move your office is making sure that every desk has internet access. In the modern work environment, it is easier to work without a desk than it is to work without the internet. Whether this network is ethernet, cable, or wifi this is the communications backbone that will enable your VoIP phone system.

Cloud Based for Portability

VoIP phones that are connected to cloud-based applications have a high degree of portability. In practice, your workforce may be able to take their VoIP system home with them by connecting to a laptop or mobile device and working from there just as effectively as they can work from the office. With a cloud-based VoIP system, each individual on the phone chart will be able to keep their current number and place in the directory no matter how often their workplace is relocated.

Reliability is a Hallmark of VoIP

Your top concern during this move is probably the reliability of your telephone network. You need your salespeople and indispensable office personnel to keep greeting your customers and associates every time they call. Your VoIP phone system has many features that lend to this reliability, including built-in redundancy. Even if there is a disaster or malfunction, such as a power failure that brings down your network, you can automatically forward vital phone calls to battery powered mobile devices or employee cell phones.

Relocate Faster Than Ever

With so many skipped steps in the relocation process, you and your employees can be back to work faster than ever. Time is money, and if you have an office move in your future, an investment in a VoIP phone system could be an investment that ends up paying for itself. In terms of saved effort, man hours and lost productivity VoIP represents a significant preservation of your company's valuable time.

If you have more questions about relocating your office VoIP phone system don't hesitate to call the experts at CNP technologies for a consultation on how our full range of business communication technology can meet your company's needs.

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