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The landscape of today’s work environment is so different from just a few years ago, with more and more employees working remotely, using their own devices (depending on an organization’s BYOD policies) and communicating more commonly via text or chat as opposed to email.  With all these new communication vehicles, it only stands to reason that we now have increased opportunities to work smarter, rather than harder, throughout our workday. 

What does your environment look like?

Do you employ workers that operate from a home office?  Are field reps difficult to track down if they’re not at their desk? How about internal project teams or communications with vendors and customers?  The days of meetings where everyone is sitting around a conference table are few and far between; with everyone on the go and wearing multiple hats.  The ability to get everyone in one room is no longer feasible, nor cost effective. 

Whether you’re a small business just getting started, or a medium-sized organization on an aggressive growth path, it’s likely you’re feeling that change is coming – or already upon us – for your business.  Be ahead of the curve by learning about the benefits of a modern phone system, and the tools it can offer to keep your team productive.

All-in-One Communications

We recommend Mitel because they offer solutions (MiVoice Connect and MiCloud Connect) which provide a variety of tools that integrate seamlessly into your workflows – giving teams the power to choose their communication path based on their workstyle.  From voice and video, to unified communication and collaboration tools — Mitel has it all. Not only is it a secure and worry-free solution for your business, the platform is designed to be reliable and offer intuitive operation for users.  The adaptability of Mitel’s platforms provide an outstanding user experience, while at the same time offering future scalability to support business growth. Advantages include:

  • Improved project team effectiveness
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster response times
  • Greater work/life balance

The Value of Unified Communications

When you integrate the power of voice with a variety of collaboration tools, you get unified communications and collaboration (UCC).  This all-in-one solution allows communication to easily flow among a variety of user devices.  Features of UCC include VoIP call control, messaging, audio and web conferencing, video conferencing and online meetings—controlled through a mobile app or even a desk phone.  The convenience of UCC is the ability to achieve modern technology without the high price of capital equipment, additional IT staff and extensive user training.

Making the Move to Modern Technology

Improving business processes and finding better ways to collaborate may mean upgrading to a solution that can more easily meet your needs.

The best part of all is that this can happen on your terms – and your timing.  If a cloud option suits your needs, Mitel offers UCaaS hosted solutions or if you prefer to host your own UC configuration, on physical or virtual servers and switches that you own/control, Mitel has an on-premises solution to meet those needs as well. Mitel’s adaptability is what makes it simpler for you and simpler for your IT department.  

Learn how to find the best choice for your communications needs in this ebook.

If you’re ready to make the move, CNP can walk you through the options and assist from development to deployment, and ongoing maintenance.   Contact us today to get started.



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