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5 Steps that May Help Minimize the Impact of a Cyberattack

The risks of cybersecurity tend to bring additional burden to everyday processes.  Protecting company data, networks and information means every door needs to have a lock on it.  The mistake that a lot of SMB’s make is the assumption that a tool designed for today’s attacks will work for the future; which can leave them vulnerable to damaging threats to their data.

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Cloud Managed IT for Modern Organizations

Today’s networks are massive, with the need to extend more information to more locations within an organization every day.  The technology of these networks is intricate as well, with the Internet expanding capabilities that require even more resource to make it reliable, and security to keep it safe.

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Protecting the Security of your Data

What is ransomware?
You’ve probably heard the term, but if you’re lucky, you’ve probably never had to look it straight in the eye. 

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Relief for IT: Meraki Makes It Easy

Meraki, a leader in cloud networking, was acquired by Cisco a few years back to cater to mid-market companies that need network solutions that are easy to deploy and manage without a large IT staff.  Meraki technology includes super reliable Wi-Fi (even in tough environments like warehousing and healthcare), switching, security cameras and mobile device management -- all through a centralized cloud platform.

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