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The Mitel Advantage

The landscape of today’s work environment is so different from just a few years ago, with more and more employees working remotely, using their own devices (depending on an organization’s BYOD policies) and communicating more commonly via text or chat as opposed to email.  With all these new communication vehicles, it only stands to reason that we now have increased opportunities to work smarter, rather than harder, throughout our workday. 

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Complete Care: Managed Services Made Easy

We recently enhanced our managed services offering to one that is going to change the way you think about managed services. Not only is it designed to reduce the burden on your IT staff, but it also brings greater security and improved productivity to the organization. 

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Is Small Business VoIP Worth the Investment?

All businesses need to put thought and care into purchasing decisions, but for small businesses, every penny and dime counts. When your purchasing priority list is already more than twenty items long, it can be hard to justify a new technology like a new or upgraded phone system. But small business VoIP systems offer more than meets the eye. Here are three aspects of VoIP that can pack in big ROI for small businesses:

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Cyberattack Trends and Security Solutions in 2018

This past year has been a crazy time for cybersecurity and internet-based crime. Every week there seemed to be a new headline of a high-profile security breach or malware attack. And while we’ve pretty much made it through the year, 2018 is sure to be filled with many of the same challenges, as well as a few new ones. Here are some cybercrime trends to watch for, as well as a few security solutions that will become even more critical as time goes on.

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3 Ways IP Telephony Translates into Cost Savings

By now, it’s no secret that IP telephony saves money over traditional PBX phone systems. Its potential as a cost saving and revenue earning solution for businesses is one of the most advertised features of VoIP. But simply saying that it can save your business money is one thing; explaining how is another. Here are three provable ways that switching to hosted IP telephony saves money:

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