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How to Set up the Best Call Center AI

A call center can be one of the most stressful environments for employees and customers alike, yet it is one of the most necessary components of a successful business. Whether your company requires cold sales calls or has a high volume of inbound customer care calls, there are many benefits to updating your call center with the latest technology to make everyone's lives just a little easier.

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Is Your Company Leveraging the Internet of Things?

The internet of things (IoT) is a digital revolution in progress, reshaping the landscape of how we work and how we live our everyday lives. We are used to taking advantage of the internet connectivity of our computers and mobile devices, but the IoT is connecting such diverse devices as lighting, security systems, and gaming platforms to voice activated assistants and refrigerators. As this new era of the internet continues to dawn, the potential to leverage these advances to give your business a competitive edge is nearly limitless.

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When to Consider Scalability in Your Tech Investments

The technology you choose for your business is an investment. The right systems will help your office run more efficiently while the wrong choice can be a major hindrance to productivity. The importance of technology is apparent in everything from the email system you choose to whether you go with a hosted VoIP or on-premise phone solution. 

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Cloud Phone Technology and Clarity: Questions Answered

It can be difficult to get all your business technology questions answered in a way that makes sense to you. If you’re considering making the switch to a cloud-based VoIP system for your business, you probably want to know if your calls will be clear and the service will be reliable, but it isn’t always that easy to get an answer.

Keep reading to learn about how a cloud phone system impacts the clarity of your business calls.

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2017 Trends in Communications Technology

By now it’s a cliche to even talk about how fast technology changes, getting smaller, faster, and more integral to our lives on a daily basis. 

The speed of change is enough to make anyone give up on trying to keep up with trends and the ‘latest and greatest.

But as a busy professional, looking at trends in communication technology can give you a better idea of where things are going and where you should invest your time and energy to have the maximum impact on your company

Following are just a few of the trends we’re tracking in 2017 in the world of communications technology.

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