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What is a Cloud Contact Center?

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Caring for your customers should be a top concern for every business owner. Without customers, you would have no business. 

Still, customer service is a place where many companies fall short because they are unwilling to invest in the technology and tools that will truly improve their customer experience.

If you think your service is not up to snuff, it may be time to take a look at your contact center and find a new solution that really works.

Why You Need a Contact Center

A contact center, or call center, can be an extremely valuable asset for many companies. A centralized place where you can be confident that everyone answering the phone will have the answers to questions your customers have and will be able to solve problems quickly can be invaluable. Smaller companies may try to rely on other employees to pick up the customer service slack, but that can end up having a detrimental effect on your overall customer experience, which can lead to a decrease in customer loyalty and a damaged reputation. A contact center shows your customers that you care about their questions and their problems.


How a Cloud Contact Center Works

The reason that companies may try to avoid setting up a customer contact center is often the hassle and expense of setting one up. When you invest in a cloud contact center, the initial setup, as well as any expansion or changes you need to make, are fast and affordable.

A cloud contact center has all VoIP phone software, CRM, and other related communications technology hosted in the cloud. When a service is in the cloud, the cloud provider handles the hardware, software, and maintenance associated with the contact center (apart from the physical phone system, where applicable). For the business, this can mean substantial savings up front and a low monthly bill over time. Because the cloud provider handles so much, you do not have to maintain a technical staff to deal with issues that may arise. Further, adding new phones or downsizing the center for slow periods is extremely easy and affordable.


Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center

If you have seasonal customer service needs, a cloud-based contact center is almost certainly the right solution for your business. Because changing the size of your contact center is so simple with a cloud setup up, it makes the choice a no-brainer. Adding a new agent is as simple as plugging in a phone or a computer.

A cloud contact center also means that your existing technical staff will be able to focus their efforts on strategic goals for your business rather than supporting your contact center phone system.

Finally, a cloud phone system at your customer contact center can easily integrate with other cloud services, to improve your overall customer service experience. For example, your agents can easily access a customer’s information with an integrate CRM and know what they have called about before and what steps have resolved their problems in the past. Cloud integrations are an effective way to keep customers happy, which is good for every type of business.

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