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When to Consider Scalability in Your Tech Investments

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The technology you choose for your business is an investment. The right systems will help your office run more efficiently while the wrong choice can be a major hindrance to productivity. The importance of technology is apparent in everything from the email system you choose to whether you go with a hosted VoIP or on-premise phone solution. 

So when you are making these types of choices for your office, what do you consider? Do you just want the cheapest solution or do you want one that will support your business, no matter where it goes?

If it’s the latter, you’ll want to think about scalability.


Why Scalability is Critical

Every business has its own goals, but for most growth is an inevitable byproduct of success. When your company grows, its technology needs change. As a small or medium-sized business, you’ll be very familiar with budgeting for your technology needs. But it can be far too tempting just to choose whatever is cheapest that will fit your current situation exactly. Not looking towards scalability can end up being quite costly. Imagine spending a large chunk of your CapEx budget on a new phone system only to add ten new employees the next quarter and have to upgrade the whole thing. Making a big purchase without considering the scalability of your technology can end up destroying your budget and putting a strain on productivity while systems are upgraded.

When to Prioritize Scalability

The best time to start thinking about scalability is as soon as you start to consider investing in a new technology. When you’ve already narrowed down your choices to one or two, you may have left scalability behind. Instead, be sure that you know your company’s growth goals and take them into consideration as soon as you start your search for new technology (or when a new system or service presents itself).

Hosted VoIP is a Scalable Communications Solution

The communications technology that you use for your day-to-day business operations is critical. Your company relied on phones, email, and instant messaging to get things done. An on-premise VoIP or unified communications setup can certainly improve productivity, but scalability can come into play. With hosted VoIP solutions, you can just as easily add new users as you can add a new desk to your office. And you never have to worry about a huge CapEx expense -- UC as a service means that you can turn youar communications technology into an OpEx expense.

Selecting the right technology for your business certainly takes some careful consideration. But if you’re looking for a solution that will have a lasting impact on your business and contribute to your success, be sure that you keep scalability in mind.

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